Ancillary 11. Canoe&Kayak manuscript.

Failed attempt to publish the first version of
In Defence of Arthur Moffatt.

April 2015.
After consultation with the editor of Canoe&Kayak, I submitted the following eight items: Main text (both print and digital editions), Bibliography and five Appendices.
This version, which omitted accusers’ names, was accepted for publication.
Later, at the request of the editor, I added accusers’ names.
As well, I provided ~eight of Pessl’s photos.
June 2015.
What were to have been the print and digital editions of the Main text were posted online ,

In Defense of Arthur Moffatt (Unabridged Version)

The subtitle of both. Allan Jacobs on why the conventional wisdom about Arthur Moffatt is wrong.
Aside. The software occasionally displays material from these two URLs; if it continues to do so, I might mangle them.
18 October 2015.
All eight items were submitted in final form. No response was received.
28 January 2016.
Text of my message. Just wondering how things are going.
No response was received.
9 June 2016.
that the Bibliography and none of the Appendices had not been published in any form, and
that I had received no reply to my enquiry (that of 28 January) regarding the publication status of the remaining items, and
that the contents were now hopelessly outdated by the results of my further research,
I withdrew all items from consideration for publication.
I received no response to my withdrawal notice.
In fairness, I point out that both the print and the digital versions of the main text were available online when last looked.

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