Ancillary 10. My sources.

Ancillary 10. My sources.

Tyrrell material.
Items possessed.
Copies of
the relevant material from the books of J B Tyrrell and J W Tyrrell.
the corresponding maps of JBT, and
Moffatt’s two letters to J B Tyrrell:
Missing items.
My best efforts failed to obtain the following.
JBT’s response (known to have been made) to Moffatt’s first letter.
JBT’s journal (known to have been possessed by Moffatt and to differ substantially from his book).
Reference for both missing items.
Ancillary 7. Moffatt’s Tyrrell sources.

Participant material.
Moffatt, Arthur.
1. Edited excerpts from his journal, as provided in Sports Illustrated. Issues of 9 March 1959 Man against the barrens grounds (pp 68-76) and 16 March 1959 Danger and Sacrifice (pp 80-88).
2. Unedited excerpts provided by Pessl.
Lanouette, Ed “Joe”.
1. His full journal for 14 September 1955 and a portion for the next day.
The condensation (I believe it to be a faithful one) of the entry for 14 September, as provided in the Sports Illustrated article (pp 85-87).
2. Significant private correspondence.
3. In progress. His full journal for the trip, as kindly provided by his daughter Elizabeth Emge.
LeFavour, Bruce.
1. The third (only) of his four Evening Recorder articles (1955). It is not publicly available and so did not influence the Moffatt literature prior to my mention of it in 2016.
2. Private correspondence.
Grinnell, George.
1. Art Moffatt’s Wilderness Way to Enlightenment. Canoe (1988). pp 18-21 & 56.
2. A Death on the Barrens. A True Story. Northern Books (1996).
3. A True Story of Courage and Tragedy in the Canadian Arctic. North Atlantic Books (2010). I possess it but made only superficial use of it. Neither it nor the 2005 edition (not possessed by me) is known to have figured in the other Moffatt literature.
4. His post at the blog.
5. Private correspondence (one message).
Pessl, Fred “Skip”.
1. Three Canoes. 1.46 Bold Journey. Prod. no. 474. ABC Broadcast of Monday 8 July, 1957. I possess only a summary, but decided to list it, for completeness.
2. Comments published in Kesselheim’s article 57 years Ago. Canoe & Kayak, May 2012, starting on p 46.
Except for incidental use by Kingsley, this material was published too late to influence the literature.

Interjection. The following items also appeared too late to influence the literature, except for my use of them.
3. The Fateful 1955 Dubawnt River Trip. Nastawgan. Summer 2013. Vol 70, No 2.
4. Barren Grounds. The Story of the Tragic Moffatt Canoe Trip. Dartmouth College Press (2014). Excerpts from his journal and that of Franck, plus comments on the previous literature.
5. Extensive private correspondence beginning in 2014 and continuing.
Franck, Peter. Deceased in 2013.
Excerpts from his journal, as provided in Pessl’s book.

Other sources.
Mathieu Sabourin (Library and Archives, Canada) kindly responded to my request regarding Grinnell’s assertion that an inquest had been held into the death of Arthur Moffatt.

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Appendix 8. Rapids in general.
Appendix 9. The fatal rapids.
Ancillary 1. Accusations.
Ancillary 2. Lanouette excerpt.
Ancillary 3. Tyrrell excerpt.
Ancillary 4. Distances.
Ancillary 5. Loose ends and the future.
Ancillary 6. Addenda.
Ancillary 7. Moffatt’s Tyrrell sources.
Ancillary 8. Evidence regarding the tragedy.
Ancillary 10. My sources.
Ancillary 11. Canoe&Kayak manuscript.
Ancillary 12. Acknowledgements.

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