Foreword and Forum.

Major renovations were completed in early November 2017 but I expect that warts remain.
Thanks for your patience. Allan

Foreword and Forum.

Welcome! I hope that you will consider your time here to have been well spent.
The blog is intended to provide
both evidence and analysis regarding the Moffatt trip and the tragedy,
and also a forum for discussion of both items.

Evidence and analysis.
The evidence and my analysis of it are provided in the Internal URLs listed below.
I continue to tweak the contents; major changes are noted in Ancillary 6. Addenda.

I am open to suggestions, comments, questions, etc, regarding the content.
Contributions will be welcomed. Perhaps it is reasonable that evidence already provided be considered.
In a discussion, please address the question, rather than another contributor.

Canadian Canoe Routes.
If you wish, you may post comments at ,
but you must first become a member (no cost).

Yours in paddling, Allan

Internal URLs.

Foreword and Forum.
Main text.
Appendix 1. Reality.
Appendix 3. Equipment.
Appendix 4. Experience.
Appendix 5. Pace and weather.
Appendix 6. Food.
Appendix 7. Schedule.
Appendix 8. Rapids in general.
Appendix 9. The fatal rapids.
Ancillary 1. Accusations.
Ancillary 2. Lanouette excerpt.
Ancillary 3. Tyrrell excerpt.
Ancillary 4. Distances.
Ancillary 5. Loose ends and the future.
Ancillary 6. Addenda.
Ancillary 7. Moffatt’s Tyrrell sources.
Ancillary 8. Evidence regarding the tragedy.

With the exception of quoted material, copyright to the above belongs to Allan Jacobs.

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